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Apprenticeships give the opportunity for employers to develop talent from the ground up. As an apprentice, you will gain real world experience as you learn, while both receiving a paycheck and acquiring new skills. In today’s workforce, apprentices are frequently offered a position of full-time employment once their training has concluded. Below are some opportunities for on-the-job training currently available throughout Kansas.


Available through the KC Tech Council, Apprenti works to meet the long-term hiring needs of area employers by providing registered apprenticeships. Participating employers allocate resources to onboard non-traditional tech talent and provide mentorship to get that talent up to speed in an earn-and-learn model.

Follow this link if you are interested in the Apprenti program as a candidate. Follow this link if you are an interested employer.

This program is currently only available in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Kansas Registered Apprenticeship Program balances a unique partnership between job seekers and employers throughout the state. The program incorporates classroom studies through on-the-job training supervised by a skilled employee.

Follow this link if you are interested in the Kansas Registered Apprenticeship program as a candidate. Follow this link if you are an interested employer.

KS Works

Are you an unemployed or underemployed individual looking to transition to or advance in a high-tech career? If so, the Tech Quest Apprenticeship program may be right for you.

Tech Quest provides pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training opportunities in Information Technology (IT) and IT-related industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Projection’s data, computer and mathematical operations had more than 4.4 million workers in 2016. The demand for these occupations is expected to increase by 13.7% by the year 2026, increasing to more than 5 million workers engaged in those occupations.

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Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative (CYAI) is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Office of Apprenticeship (OA). CYAI promotes sustainable development of cybersecurity apprenticeship programs for youth aged 16-21 and is administered by ICF. The goal of the initiative is to create at least 900 new cybersecurity apprenticeships for youth by 2024.

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Interested in a technical remote job? The Rural & Remote Coding Academy helps equip students with the necessary computer science skills to become Junior Full-Stack Developers. The Coding Academy is a rigorous journey, but well worth it for those who want to become successful web developers or software engineers.

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