The International Academy of Science is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that has been advancing science and education for over 30 years. The Academy offers applied science undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students with important hands-on skills and experience needed for success in the workplace.

Acellus was created by the International Academy of Science in 2001, and has since been adopted by thousands of schools across the country, and has provided education to millions of students in all 50 states and worldwide.

Acellus is an interactive learning accelerator. It combines technology and learning science to help students master content, learning more effectively (greater mastery) and efficiently (in less time). Backed by scientific research, Acellus delivers online instruction, compliant with the latest standards, through high-definition video lessons made more engaging with multimedia and animation. Each lesson is carefully designed to connect with previously learned knowledge like interlocking building blocks. Students can log in to take lessons from school or home, on any device.”


CS Equipment;Curriculum;Professional Development;STEM Activities;Teaching Tools


Algorithms & Programming;Computing Systems;Data Analysis;Impacts of Computing;Networks and Internet;Robotics

Education Level:

Elementary School;High School;Middle School


Payment Required

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